Scanning electron microscope photographs of Mallinus nitidiventris male (5–10, 12–19) and female (11) 5 carapace, dorsal view 6 detail of carapace integument 7 same, detail of carapace setae 8 same, detail of carapace pore 9 fovea 10 eye region, dorsal view 11 endites, labium and anterior end of sternum 12 distal end of chelicera, arrow indicating posterior groove of fang 13 distal end of endite, black arrow indicating distal endite scale, white arrow indicating prolateral field of flattened denticles 14 prolateral margin of endite, showing detail of flattened denticles 15 femur I, dorsal view, incised setae and femoral organ (black arrow) 16–19 femoral organ on legs I–IV, respectively.

  Part of: Haddad CR, Henrard A, Jocqué R (2019) Revision of the ant-eating spider genus Mallinus Simon, 1893 (Araneae, Zodariidae). ZooKeys 822: 141-158.