A. talpa (12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20), O. haemorrhoa (14, 16, 18, 21), mature larva. 12 head in fronatl aspect 13, 14 gular region 15, 16 functional position of mouthparts in frontal aspect 17–21 right antenna in dorsal aspect (17, 18), entire article III in anterior (19) and in ventral (20) aspect, entire article II and III in anterior aspect (21). Abbreviations: I-III, antennal articles; IIS, IIIS, solenidia of antennal article II or III; At, antenna; F, frons; Gu, gula; Hp, hypopharynx; Lp, labial palp; Lr, labrum; Ma, mala; Md, mandible; Mx, maxilla; Pm, maxillary palp; Oc, ocellus; Sa, sensory appendage; Smnt, submentum.

  Part of: Staniec B, Zagaja M, Pietrykowska-Tudruj E, Wagner GK (2018) Comparative larval ultramorphology of some myrmecophilous Aleocharinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae), with a first description of the larvae of Amidobia talpa (Heer O, 1841) and Oxypoda haemorrhoa (Mannerheim C.G., 1830), associated with the Formica rufa species group. ZooKeys 808: 93-114. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.808.29818