36 Male genitalia, T. robusta sp. n., holotype, Yunnan 37 Male genitalia, T. stueningi sp. n., holotype, Taiwan 38–42 Frons of Timandra. 38 T. recompta 39 T. distorta sp. n. 40 T. accumulata sp. n. 41 T. convectaria 42 T. viminea sp. n. Scale bar: 1 mm.

  Part of: Cui L, Xue D, Jiang N (2019) A review of Timandra Duponchel, 1829 from China, with description of seven new species (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). ZooKeys 829: 43-74. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.829.29708