Male genitalia of Timandra. 20 T. recompta, Heilongjiang 21 T. apicirosea, Sichuan 22 T. distorta sp. n., holotype, Tibet 23 T. dichela, Hubei 24 T. synthaca, male, Taiwan (without scale) 25 T. convectaria, Sichuan 26 T. correspondens, black bar shows the tuberculate process at the base of the valvula, Tibet 27 T. adunca sp. n., holotype, Guangxi. Scale bar: 1 mm.

  Part of: Cui L, Xue D, Jiang N (2019) A review of Timandra Duponchel, 1829 from China, with description of seven new species (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). ZooKeys 829: 43-74.