Galls of Schizomyia spp. 1 Fruit gall induced by S. achyranthesae on Achyranthes bidentata (Amaranthaceae) 2 Inflorescence galls induced by S. castanopsisae on Castanopsis sieboldii (Fagaceae) 3 Fruit galls (arrows) induced by S. usubai on Trachelospermum asiaticum (Apocynaceae) 4 A flower bud gall (white arrow) induced by S. paederiae on Paederia foetida (Rubiaceae) [red arrows indicate normal flower buds].

  Part of: Elsayed AK, Yukawa J, Tokuda M (2018) A taxonomic revision and molecular phylogeny of the eastern Palearctic species of the genera Schizomyia Kieffer and Asteralobia Kovalev (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Asphondyliini), with descriptions of five new species of Schizomyia from Japan. ZooKeys 808: 123-160.