Spatial distribution of 14 Boeckella species from the targeted study area. The western (left side) and eastern (right side) of southern South America (green/blue: subpolar forest; brown: grassland), sub-Antarctic islands (light blue) and maritime Antarctic regions (light grey) obtained from records (red: obtained from field sampling; blue: obtained from literature and GBIF database) of all combined data sources. *: discrete outlier records; dash bars: distribution extended north of 40°S; dashed lines: geographic discontinuity. Records from East Antarctic were not included.

  Part of: Maturana CS, Rosenfeld S, Naretto J, Convey P, Poulin E (2019) Distribution of the genus Boeckella (Crustacea, Copepoda, Calanoida, Centropagidae) at high latitudes in South America and the main Antarctic biogeographic regions. ZooKeys 854: 1-15.