Trilacuna gongshan sp. n., left male palp. A prolateral view B, D, F distal part of palpal bulb, prolateral, dorsal and retrolateral views C, E palpal bulb, dorsal and retrolateral views. Abbreviations: blp = basal leaf-shaped projection; bth = basal thin “hairs”; dbh = dorsal brush of “hairs”; dsh = distal short “hairs”; dth = distal thick “hairs”; lcb = lateral curved branch; lh = lateral “hairs”; lmb = long medial branch; tll = tooth-like lobes.

  Part of: Tong Y, Chen H, Bai S, Zhang Z, Li S (2019) Seven new species of the genus Trilacuna Tong & Li, 2007 from Yunnan, China (Araneae, Oonopidae). ZooKeys 821: 11-44.