Idabel submersible outfitted with fish-catching system. A acrylic holding tank B housing for HD video camera C quinaldine sulphate delivery hose D suction for the system is powered by a PVC hose connecting to one of the submersible’s vertical thrusters E two-way valve to allow for differential suction/blowing of water and or anesthetic F carbon-fiber compensator holding up to 2.5 gallons of anesthetic solution, powered by pressurized air from a SCUBA cylinder (not shown, lower tank in image is oxygen for life support systems) G housing for solenoid valve, enabling scientists to control the flow of anesthetic from a switch inside the submersible.

  Part of: Tornabene L, Robertson DR, Baldwin CC (2018) A new species of Lipogramma (Teleostei: Grammatidae) from deep reefs of Roatan, Honduras. ZooKeys 809: 79-95.