Different call types (A the first call type B the second call type.) of Leptobrachella purpuraventra sp. nov. from BFS Baimashan Forest Station in Zhaozishan Nature Reserve and JV Jinjiazhai Village in Wujing Nature Reserve, respectively; and different call types of L. bijie sp. nov. from QV Qingshan Village in Zhaozishan Nature Reserve. (Window length: 0.005 s).

  Part of: Wang J, Li Y-L, Li Y, Chen H-H, Zeng Y-J, Shen J-M, Wang Y-Y (2019) Morphology, molecular genetics, and acoustics reveal two new species of the genus Leptobrachella from northwestern Guizhou Province, China (Anura, Megophryidae). ZooKeys 848: 119-154. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.848.29181