In situ photographs of examined Hana specimens from Okinawa, a Hana hanagasa, holotype, OKA170711-15 and b Hana hanagasa, paratype, OKA170711-06; Palau c Hana hanataba holotype, ROR171225-01 and d Hana hanataba, paratype, ROR171226-03; Dongsha e Hana hanataba, paratype, DSX180320-1-01 and f Hana hanataba, paratype, DSX180324-3-15 g specimen BKI180320-2-10, an arulid photographed in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah, Malaysia h Hana hanagasa, holotype, OKA170711-15, colony preserved in ethanol. Scale bar: 1 mm.

  Part of: Lau Y, Stokvis F, van Ofwegen L, Reimer J (2018) Stolonifera from shallow waters in the north-western Pacific: a description of a new genus and two new species within the Arulidae (Anthozoa, Octocorallia). ZooKeys 790: 1-19.