Photographs of unfixed Osedax braziliensis sp. n. A Palps (pa), trunk (tr) and a gelatinous hemispherical tube (tu)B lateral view of palps (pa), trunk (tr), ovary (o), and root (r)C ventral view of palps (pa) with pinnules (pi) and trunk (tr). Dwarf males (m) inhabit a gelatinous tube (tu), and D ventro-lateral view of an individual possessing a yellow bump (b) present behind prostomium E Ventral view of holotype (NMST-Pol H-685) possessing a yellow patch (pt)F Ventral view of an individual without yellow bump.

  Part of: Fujiwara Y, Jimi N, Sumida PYG, Kawato M, Kitazato H (2019) New species of bone-eating worm Osedax from the abyssal South Atlantic Ocean (Annelida, Siboglinidae). ZooKeys 814: 53-69.