Published figures of the type specimens of A Diplommatina rotundata, syntype (after Saurin (1953)) B Pupisoma lignicola, possible syntype (after Maassen (2000)) C Boysidia paviei, syntype (after Bavay and Dautzenberg (1912)) D Krobylos clerxi, holotype RMNH 109519 (after Maassen (2008) with permission) E Paraboysidia wangviangensis, holotype CUMZ-Ver 988 (after Panha et al. (2002)) F Oospira bolovenica, lectotype SMF 62250 (after Zilch (1954a) with permission) G Kaliella micracyna, syntype (after Saurin (1953)) H Sitala tricincta, syntype (after Saurin (1953)) I Gyliotrachela crossei, syntype (after Morlet (1887)) J Microparmarion andamanica, syntype (after Collinge (1901b)).

  Part of: Inkhavilay K, Sutcharit C, Bantaowong U, Chanabun R, Siriwut W, Srisonchai R, Polyotha A, Jirapatrasilp P, Panha S (2019) Annotated Checklist of the Terrestrial Molluscs from Laos (Gastropoda: Neritimorpha, Caenogastropoda and Heterobranchia). ZooKeys 834: 1-166.