Lithobius (Ezembius) datongensis sp. n., A, C–E holotype, female: A habitus, dorsal view; C forcipular coxosternite, ventral view D female gonopods, dorsal lateral view E female posterior segments and gonopods B, F paratuype, male: B ocelli and Tömösváry’s organ (To), lateral view F posterior segments and gonopods, ventral view. Scale bars 1 mm A, C; 300 μm B, D; 500 μm E, F.

  Part of: Qiao P, Qin W, Ma H, Zhang T, Su J, Lin G (2018) Two new species of Lithobius on Qinghai-Tibetan plateau identified from morphology and COI sequences (Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae). ZooKeys 785: 11-28.