Corethrella oppositophila Kvifte & Bernal, sp. n., male and female a male hypopharynx, cibarium and stipes b female hypopharynx, cibarium and stipes c male clypeus and mouthparts d female clypeus and mouthparts e gonocoxite f paramere and aedeagus (only one paramere shown) g gonostylus. Scale bars 80 μm (a, b); 100 μm (c–g). Abbreviations: cf – cibarial fork, ci – cibarium, cl – clypeus, ep – epipharynx, lbl – labellum, lbl – labellar projection, m – mandible, p – palpal segment III, st – stipes, tnt – tentorium. Views: frontal (a–d), dorsal (e–g).

  Part of: Kvifte GM, Bernal XЕ (2018) A new species of frog-biting midge from Papua New Guinea with a key to the described Corethrellidae of the Australopapuan region (Diptera, Corethrellidae, Corethrella). ZooKeys 795: 39-48.