Corethrella oppositophila Kvifte & Bernal, sp. n., male and female a male head b female head c male antenna d male wing e female wing f hind leg of female g mid leg of female h fore leg of female i thorax of female j male abdomen k female abdomen with blood meal l egg in female abdomen. Scale bars: 200 μm (a, b, c, i, j, k); 500 μm (d–g). Views: frontal (a, b), dorsal (d, e, j–l), posterior (f–h).

  Part of: Kvifte GM, Bernal XЕ (2018) A new species of frog-biting midge from Papua New Guinea with a key to the described Corethrellidae of the Australopapuan region (Diptera, Corethrellidae, Corethrella). ZooKeys 795: 39-48.