Example scans of different species and life stages of Essig Museum of Entomology Trichoptera showing detail of morphological features A Dolophilodes novusamericana (Ling, 1938) ♂, CA: Marin Co., EMEC 373433 B Wormaldia sp. larvae, CA: Nevada Co., EMEC 1194742 C Limnephilus frijole Ross, 1944 genitalic dissections of ♀♂, CA: Modoc Co., EMEC 373223 D larva and E case of Yphria californica (Banks, 1907), CA: El Dorado Co., EMEC 373355 F Limnephilidae pupa, no location data, EMEC 373316 G Psychoglypha ormiae ♀ (Ross, 1938), CA: Nevada Co., EMEC 373259 H Psychoglypha sp. ♀, CA: Nevada Co., EMEC 373266 and I Hesperophylax designatus (Walker, 1852) case, CA: Mono Co., EMEC 373246. All scans are unmodified in software (no sharpening, white balance, or color correction). Scale bar: 5mm.

  Part of: Mendez PK, Lee S, Venter CE (2018) Imaging natural history museum collections from the bottom up: 3D print technology facilitates imaging of fluid-stored arthropods with flatbed scanners. ZooKeys 795: 49-65. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.795.28416