Cropped scan and scan resolution comparison: A final cropped scan of EMEC 37259, Psychoglypha ormiae (Ross, 1938) ♂, with standard layout of labels and specimens B–D comparison of scan resolution settings of 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 2400 dpi to show 100% scale display quality differences. Black scale bar is 5 mm for Rhyacophila harmstoni Ross, 1944 ♂ (EMEC 41255, NV: White Pine Co.) in all images. Images are unmodified in software (e.g., no sharpening, white balance, or color correction).

  Part of: Mendez PK, Lee S, Venter CE (2018) Imaging natural history museum collections from the bottom up: 3D print technology facilitates imaging of fluid-stored arthropods with flatbed scanners. ZooKeys 795: 49-65.