Light micrographs (DIC) and redrawing of the schematic drawing of Haltidytes ooëides (Brunson, 1950). A whole animal view B redrawing of the schematic drawing of the original description C the same image of A in which the arrangement of the trunk spines is highlighted D schematic drawing of the dorsal view E schematic drawing of the ventral view. Scales bars: 50 µm. Abbreviations: alt anterior lateral ciliary tuft att anterior locomotory ciliation tuft cd caudal bristle ce cephalion hy: hypostomion mlt mediolateral ciliary tuft mo mouth ph pharynx plb posterior lateral ciliary band ptt: posterior locomotory ciliation tuft ta1-2 trunk spines tb1-2 trunk spines tc1-2 trunk spines td trunk spines.

  Part of: Minowa AK, Garraffoni ARS (2018) Redescription of the dasydytid gastrotrich Haltidytes ooëides (Brunson, 1950) based on type material. ZooKeys 785: 41-48.