Tylokepon bonnieri Stebbing, 1904. Female (UF 42219) (A–H). A Dorsal view B Right antennae C Barbula, left side D Left maxilliped, external view E Left oostegite 1, external view F Left oostegite 1, internal view G Right pereopod 1 H Left pereopod 5. Male (UF 42219) (I–K). I Dorsal view J Left antenna K Pleon, ventral view. Scale bars: 1.00 mm (A); 0.65 mm (C); 0.42 mm (D–F); 0.31 mm (B, G, H, J); 0.42 mm (I, K).

  Part of: An J, Zhang M, Paulay G (2018) New records of Tylokepon with the description of a new species (Epicaridea, Bopyridae, Keponinae). ZooKeys 790: 77-85. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.790.28134