Proportion of samples from different habitats and habitat preferences of common Estonian Chilopoda. Vertical axis: relative abundances (numbers of findings divided by proportion of sampling effort). Horizontal axis numbers represent habitat types as follows: 1 Coastal meadows and alvars 2 Broad-leaved (nemoral) forests 3 Boreo-nemoral deciduous forests 4 Dry heathland forests 5 Drier boreo-nemoral mixed forests 6 Mesophilic boreal forests 7 Hillock forests 8 Carrs and swamp forests 9 Bogs 10 Fens and waterlogged meadows 11 Inland mesophilic grasslands 12 Rural gardens 13 Urban parks and graveyards 14 Arable fields. For detailed description of habitats see Material and methods.

  Part of: Sammet K, Ivask M, Kurina O (2018) A synopsis of Estonian myriapod fauna (Myriapoda: Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Symphyla and Pauropoda). ZooKeys 793: 63-96.