Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. (holotype male 1–5, 7–9, 11–12 paratype female 6 and 10) 1 Habitus, dorsal view 2 Tömösváry’s organ, lateral view 3 Cephalic plate, dorsal view 4 Cephalic plate, ventral view 5 Forcipular coxosternite, ventral view 6 T III of female 7 T III of male 8SS I–V 9SS VI and VII 10 Posterior segments and gonopods of female, ventral view 11 Posterior segments and gonopods in male, ventral view 12 Living specimen of Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. 13 Cave of the brickyard of Gaofeng village.

  Part of: Li Q, Pei S-j, Guo X, Ma H-q, Chen H-m (2018) Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n., the first subterranean species of centipede from southern China (Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae). ZooKeys 795: 83-91.