Andrognathus corticarius Cope, 1869 from Stadium Woods, Montgomery County, Virginia (A–C) Pulaski County, Virginia (D). A Adult male, dorsolateral view, approximate length 24 mm (VTEC catalog #MPE01962) B Adults and juveniles in situ. Aggregated individuals were found inside a decaying hardwood log C Adult aggregation. Inset shows the chemical secretions on the ozopores on the bottom left and bottom right individuals D Male and female coiled around eggs.

  Part of: Shorter PL, Hennen DA, Marek PE (2018) Cryptic diversity in Andrognathus corticarius Cope, 1869 and description of a new Andrognathus species from New Mexico (Diplopoda, Platydesmida, Andrognathidae). ZooKeys 786: 19-41.