A The invasive populations of Iguana iguana were originally established by multiple intentional release events, specifically in Pingtung (1), Kaohsiung (2), Chiayi (3), and gradually expanded to become a continuous distribution. In 2018, a small disjunct population occurred in Taitung (4), which might be another human-induced translocation event B a mature male occupying the canopy during courtship exhibition C the large number of young lizards demonstrates breeding success. Photographed by Chung-Wei You.

  Part of: Lee K-H, Chen T-H, Shang G, Clulow S, Yang Y-J, Lin S-M (2019) A check list and population trends of invasive amphibians and reptiles in Taiwan. ZooKeys 829: 85-130. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.829.27535