Ventral view of male genitalia of type species of genera belonging to Cicinninae: Cicinnini. Phallus/juxtal complex, when excised, is figured below the genitalia in the lateral view. 33 Aceclostria mus, St Laurent diss.: 10-8-14:2 (CUIC) 34 Aleyda accipiter, genitalia preparation and photo by T Malm, diss.: NHRS-TOBI 000001871 [reused with permission from St Laurent et al. (2018b), SHILAP) (NHRS) 35 Euphaneta divisa, St Laurent diss.: 3-17-18:1 (MGCL) 36Cicinnus cf orthane, St Laurent diss.: 10-30-17:1 [reused with permission St Laurent et al. (2018c), Zootaxa] (MGCL) 37 Arcinnus hoedli, St Laurent diss.: LEP20643 (MGCL) 38 Isoscella ventana, St Laurent diss.: 4-29-16:2 [reused with permission from St Laurent and Carvalho (2017b), Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society] (USNM) 39 Roelmana maloba, St Laurent diss.: 3-22-18:1 (MGCL). Scale bar: 1 mm.

  Part of: St Laurent RA, Kawahara AY (2019) Reclassification of the Sack-bearer Moths (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae). ZooKeys 815: 1-114.