Stigmella multispicata, immature stages and leafmines on Ulmus pumila. 19 leafmine of barcoded larva, RMNH.INS.30070. China, Beijing 20 leafmine with dead larva, same locality 21–25 all from NY, Sagaponack, 23.x.2015 and 28.x.2015 (cocoon) 25 showing large number of emerged larvae on plastic sheet. Scale bars: 5 mm. Photographs E.J. van Nieukerken (19, 20), D.O. Gilrein (21–25).

  Part of: van Nieukerken EJ, Gilrein DO, Eiseman CS (2018) Stigmella multispicata Rociene. & Stonis, an Asian leafminer on Siberian elm, now widespread in eastern North America (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae). ZooKeys 784: 95-125.