Geographic distribution of Andescecidium parrai (green circles) and Oliera saizi (blue circles) in central Chile. Regions are indicated by Roman numbers except for the Metropolitan (RM). Localities are indicated by cardinal numbers: 1 Parque Nacional La Campana 2 Cuesta La Dormida 3 Til-Til/Hungue 4 Cuesta Barriga 5 Cajón del Maipo 6 Curicó 7 San Clemente 8 Cruce Nebuco, and 9 Recinto; for a complete description of corresponding localities, see list of specimens examined.

  Part of: Silva GT, Moreira GRP, Vargas HA, Gonçalves GL, Mainardi MD, Blas GS, Davis D (2018) Overlooked gall-inducing moths revisited, with the description of Andescecidium parrai gen. et sp. n. and Oliera saizi sp. n. from Chile (Lepidoptera, Cecidosidae). ZooKeys 795: 127-157.