Natural history of Oliera saizi on Schinus polygamus. A host-plant habitat at Cuesta Barriga, near Santiago city, Chile, 33°31'24"S, 70°54'35"W (asterisk locates the plant; open arrow indicates commune of Padre Hurtado in the valley, Metropolitan region) B apical branches showing swollen stem with galls under bark C pupal exuvium protruded from the gall exit hole, just after the adult emergence (enlarged area pointed by arrow in (B) D intact empty gall, shown by detaching the bark (indicated by arrow) E empty galls, with decaying gall-wall still remaining, lateral F old gall signs appearing as small craters on surface of dried branch. Scale bars: 5 mm (B), 2 mm (C), 3 mm (D, E), 15 mm (F).

  Part of: Silva GT, Moreira GRP, Vargas HA, Gonçalves GL, Mainardi MD, Blas GS, Davis D (2018) Overlooked gall-inducing moths revisited, with the description of Andescecidium parrai gen. et sp. n. and Oliera saizi sp. n. from Chile (Lepidoptera, Cecidosidae). ZooKeys 795: 127-157.