Oliera saizi pupal morphology using scanning electron microscopy. A, C head and prothorax, under ventral and lateral views, respectively B frontal processes of head (= gall cutter), ventral D spiracle of second abdominal segment, lateral E abdominal terga VI and VII, lateral F detail with supraspiracular setae and spines of abdominal tergum VI, lateral G detail with subspiracular setae of abdominal segment five, lateral H, J last abdominal segments, under lateral and dorsal views, respectively I single tergal spine on abdominal segment nine in detail, lateral. Scale bars: 250 µm (A), 100 µm (B, I), 350 µm (C), 30 µm (D), 200 µm (E, H, J), 150 µm (F), 50 µm (G).

  Part of: Silva GT, Moreira GRP, Vargas HA, Gonçalves GL, Mainardi MD, Blas GS, Davis D (2018) Overlooked gall-inducing moths revisited, with the description of Andescecidium parrai gen. et sp. n. and Oliera saizi sp. n. from Chile (Lepidoptera, Cecidosidae). ZooKeys 795: 127-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.795.27070