Molecular phylogeny of Cecidosidae showing monophyletic status and relationships of Andescecidium and Oliera saizi (highlighted by green and brown squares, respectively). Bayesian time-calibrated consensus tree based on cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI), r16S ribosomal (16S), and Wingless (Wg) genes. Representative species of other Adeloidea families (Adelidae, Incurvariidae, Heliozelidae and Prodoxidae) were used to root the tree. Numbers above branches indicate posterior probability support for the equivalent node. Blue bars indicate confidence interval (95% HDP) for each node age estimate, presented in millions of years ago (Mya).

  Part of: Silva GT, Moreira GRP, Vargas HA, Gonçalves GL, Mainardi MD, Blas GS, Davis D (2018) Overlooked gall-inducing moths revisited, with the description of Andescecidium parrai gen. et sp. n. and Oliera saizi sp. n. from Chile (Lepidoptera, Cecidosidae). ZooKeys 795: 127-157.