Cranial osteology of 1 Anolis dracula sp. n. (DHMECN 12586) 2 A. aequatorialis (DHMECN 7623) 3 A. fitchi (DHMECN 9247) 4 A. podocarpus (QCAZR 6047) A lateral view of postorbital region B lateral (top) and medial (bottom) views of the mandible C posterior view of cranium. Abbreviations: afs, adductor fossa; aiaf, anterior inferior alveolar foramen; cor, coronoid; den, dentary; j, jugal; oc, occipital condyle; par, parietal; porb, postorbital; q, quadrate; soc, supraoccipital; sot, sphenoccipital tubercle; span, supra-angular; sq, squamosal. Photographs by Carolina Reyes-Puig.

  Part of: Yánez-Muñoz MH, Reyes-Puig C, Reyes-Puig JP, Velasco JA, Ayala-Varela F, Torres-Carvajal O (2018) A new cryptic species of Anolis lizard from northwestern South America (Iguanidae, Dactyloinae). ZooKeys 794: 135-163.