Sinopyrophorus schimmeli Bi & Li, gen. et sp. nov. Male 17 sternite VIII 18 tergite VIII 19 tergites IX–X with sternite IX 20 aedeagus. Female 21 sternite VIII 22 ovipositor (dorsal view) 23 internal genital tract. Abbreviations: eco, the entry of the common ovdiduct; sgd, spermathecal gland duct. a, dorsal view; b, ventral view; c, lateral view. Scale bars: 1 mm; not to scale (23).

  Part of: Bi W-X, He J-W, Chen C-C, Kundrata R, Li X-Y (2019) Sinopyrophorinae, a new subfamily of Elateridae (Coleoptera, Elateroidea) with the first record of a luminous click beetle in Asia and evidence for multiple origins of bioluminescence in Elateridae. ZooKeys 864: 79-97.