Median-joining haplotype networks of the available COI sequences of bumblebee species inhabiting Iceland. The circle size is proportional to the number of available sequences belonging to a certain haplotype. The small red dots indicate hypothetical ancestral haplotypes. Red numbers near branches indicate the number of nucleotide substitutions between haplotypes. Black codes indicate the COI lineages inhabiting Iceland. A Bombus jonellus (N = 29) B B. lucorum (N = 115) C B. hortorum (N = 33). Photographs by Yulia S. Kolosova.

  Part of: Potapov G, Kondakov A, Kolosova Y, Tomilova A, Filippov B, Gofarov M, Bolotov I (2018) Widespread continental mtDNA lineages prevail in the bumblebee fauna of Iceland. ZooKeys 774: 141-153.