Sinanapis medogense sp. n., male holotype from Xizang. A, B, E, F Left palp C, D Left leg I G, H Palpal patella and tibia I Patellar apophysis A, D, G prolateral B, C retrolateral E ventral F, H, I dorsal. Abbreviations: BA basal patellar apophysis; Cu cusps on leg I; Cy cymbium; DA dorsal patellar apophysis; DP dentigerous patellar process; Em embolus; Fe femur; LA lateral patellar apophysis; Pa patella; TA tibial apophysis; Ti tibia; Te tegulum. Scale bars: 0.25 (A, B, E–H); 1.00 (C); 0.50 (D); 0.05 (I).

  Part of: Zhang Q, Lin Y (2018) A review of the spider genus Sinanapis, with the description of a new species from Tibet (Araneae, Anapidae). ZooKeys 790: 45-61.