A Northeast Tasmania with millipede sampling sites, 1934–2018 (black squares), major roads (thin red lines) and 1300 m elevation contours (thick blue lines); the large, rectangular block above 1300 m is the Ben Lomond plateau B Aerial photograph of part of the Ben Lomond plateau with Lissodesmus nivalis sp. n. localities: 1 = Ben Lomond ski village (type locality), 2 = Surprise Vale, 3 = Giblin Fells C Ben Lomond ski village collecting site (1 in B), 2 April 2018; white arrow indicates the rock-hugging shrub beneath which the holotype and paratypes of L. nivalis sp. n. were found. Sampling sites in A from Mesibov (2006–2018) for named species, and the author’s unpublished records for undescribed species. Image in B from https://maps.thelist.tas.gov.au/listmap/app/list/map. Rectangle in inset map in C shows extent of map A both maps are Mercator projections.

  Part of: Mesibov R (2018) A new, alpine species of Lissodesmus Chamberlin, 1920 from Tasmania, Australia (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Dalodesmidae). ZooKeys 754: 103-111. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.754.25704