Habitats of bats in the peripheral areas of Maduru-Oya National Park. a a cave in Dananjaya Gala b rocky outcrops surrounded by forests c scrublands with temporary pools d small canal inside the forest e a cave nearby the Maduru-Oya reservoir f a historical cave in Damminna g a cave nearby Henanigala h under a large bridge.

  Part of: Edirisinghe G, Surasinghe T, Gabadage D, Botejue M, Perera K, Madawala M, Weerakoon D, Karunarathna S (2018) Chiropteran diversity in the peripheral areas of the Maduru-Oya National Park in Sri Lanka: insights for conservation and management. ZooKeys 784: 139-162. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.784.25562