Non-indigenous species. A–D Anisus cf. spirorbis (Linnaeus, 1758), LV 201503 E–F A. cf. spirorbis, RGM 1309801 G–I Planorbis cf. planorbis (Linnaeus, 1758), LV 201504 J–L P. cf. planorbis, RGM 1309835 M Bithynia sp., juvenile, RGM 1309853 N Esperiana esperi (Férussac, 1823), RGM 1309792 O Lithoglyphus naticoides (Pfeiffer, 1828), RGM 1309832 P Valvata piscinalis (Müller, 1774), RGM 1310249. Scale bar equals 1 mm unless indicated otherwise. Note that all Planorbidae are figured at the same scale to facilitate comparison.

  Part of: Neubauer TA, van de Velde S, Yanina T, Wesselingh FP (2018) A late Pleistocene gastropod fauna from the northern Caspian Sea with implications for Pontocaspian gastropod taxonomy. ZooKeys 770: 43-103.