Variety in dactylar morphology of all currently known Odontonia species (setae omitted). Note the amount of distal scales, presence of an additional and accessory tooth, size of the dactylus, and the presence of denticles. A O. compacta (Bruce, 1996) B O. bagginsi sp. n. C O. katoi (Kubo, 1940) D O. maldivensis Fransen, 2006 E O. rufopunctata Fransen, 2002 F O. seychellensis Fransen, 2002 G O. sibogae (Bruce, 1972) H O. simplicipes (Bruce, 1996) I O. plurellicola sp. n.

  Part of: de Gier W, Fransen CHJM (2018) Odontonia plurellicola sp. n. and Odontonia bagginsi sp. n., two new ascidian-associated shrimp from Ternate and Tidore, Indonesia, with a phylogenetic reconstruction of the genus (Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae). ZooKeys 765: 123-160.