Radula morphology of Limatium aureum sp. n. A–D Holotype, MNHN IM-2013-42460, Austral Islands, Maria E, F Austral Islands, Pointe Kauira, RAPA 2002 stn. 36 A Radular ribbon B Detail of rachidian and lateral teeth C Detail of half row, showing outer edges of lateral and marginal teeth D Detail of marginal teeth, showing inner edges E Radular ribbon of second specimen, showing variation in length of cusps F Detail of rachidian and lateral teeth, showing variation in width of rachidian and in length of cusps. Scale bar: 50 µm (A, C, D, E); 40 µm (B); 30 µm (F).

  Part of: Strong EE, Bouchet P (2018) A rare and unusual new bittiine genus with two new species from the South Pacific (Cerithiidae, Gastropoda). ZooKeys 758: 1-18. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.758.25100