Caudal fin of live males of the Hypsolebias magnificus species complex. A H. harmonicus, holotype, UFRJ 6696, 29.4 mm SLB H. gardneri sp. n., paratype, UFRJ 6797, 34.4 mm SLC H. hamadryades Costa sp. n., paratype, UFRJ 6895, 24.8 mm SLD H. magnificus, specimen from Gado Bravo, UFRJ 4959, 31.2 mm SLE H. magnificus, topotype not preserved, about 25 mm SLF H. picturatus. Paratype, UFRJ 5053, 38.6 mm SL. Photographs by WJEM Costa.

  Part of: Costa WJEM, Amorim PF, Mattos JLO (2018) Cryptic species diversity in the Hypsolebias magnificus complex, a clade of endangered seasonal killifishes from the São Francisco River basin, Brazilian Caatinga (Cyprinodontiformes, Aplocheilidae). ZooKeys 777: 141-158.