Georissa hosei Godwin-Austen, 1889. A–C MZU/MOL 16.05 D–K MZU/MOL 16.04. A, D Shell apertural view B Shell side view C Shell rear view E–F Shell cross-section from 3D model G–H Operculum frontal and ventral view I Shell top view J Protoconch side view K Close up of protoconch from top at 1000× magnification. Scale bars: 500 µm (A–I); 200 µm (J); 10 µm (K).

  Part of: Khalik MZ, Hendriks K, Vermeulen JJ, Schilthuizen M (2018) A molecular and conchological dissection of the “scaly” Georissa of Malaysian Borneo (Gastropoda, Neritimorpha, Hydrocenidae). ZooKeys 773: 1-55.