Sampling Philoscia muscorum in wheat (pitfall traps). Importance of hedges and woods for inducing the presence of the species in the studied plots. Key: Dark bar: P. muscorum in the plot. Light gray bar: P. muscorum in the borders of the plot (hedges/wood). Codes were expressed for each plot: the first three letters corresponded to the name of the location, the two following numbers to the French department (16: Charente; 86: Vienne; 79: Deux Sèvres; 36 (1 and 2): Indre).

  Part of: Souty-Grosset C, Faberi A (2018) Effect of agricultural practices on terrestrial isopods: a review. In: Hornung E, Taiti S, Szlavecz K (Eds) Isopods in a Changing World. ZooKeys 801: 63-96.