Characters of Blaptogonia zhentanga sp. n. a–g male: a pronotum b antenna c1–c3 pro-, meso, metatibia d1–d3 pro-, meso-, metatarsus e1–e3 aedeagus in dorsal, ventral, and lateral view fspiculum astraleg. abdominal sternite VIII h–i female: h Speculum ventrale in ventral view i1–i2 ovipositor in dorsal and ventral view.

  Part of: Li X-M, Bai X-L, Ren G-D (2018) A new species of the genus Blaptogonia from the Himalayas with four DNA markers (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Blaptini). ZooKeys 773: 69-78.