Workflow of model generation of Pogonocherus hispidus with PhotoScan Pro. In total, 398 EDOF-images are taken with DISC3D (one example is shown in A). Using the image data, masks and camera positions estimated with the calibration sphere (see Fig. 6), a sparse cloud with optimized camera positions is generated (B). Two options for model generation are available: direct mesh calculation based on a dense point cloud (C) or meshing with visual consistency (D). Resulting meshes can be textured (E, F). Scale bar: 1mm.

  Part of: Ströbel B, Schmelzle S, Blüthgen N, Heethoff M (2018) An automated device for the digitization and 3D modelling of insects, combining extended-depth-of-field and all-side multi-view imaging. ZooKeys 759: 1-27.