Mature larva of Ctesias (s. str.) serra (Fabricius, 1792). 7 Antenna (dorso-fronto-lateral) 8 Frons (dorsal; large circles with rings represent points of insertion of large scaly-like spicisetae, small circles represent points of insertion of nudisetae (= lanceolate spicisetae)) 9 Mandible (dorsal) 10 Mandible (lateroventral) 11 Epipharynx (ventral) 12 Apex of lacinia (dorsal) 13 Maxilla (ventral) 14 Labium (ventral) 15 Labial palpi (ventral). Scale bars: 0.1 mm.

  Part of: Kadej M (2018) Larva and pupa of Ctesias (s. str.) serra (Fabricius, 1792) with remarks on biology and economic importance, and larval comparison of co-occurring genera (Coleoptera, Dermestidae). ZooKeys 758: 115-135.