D. aequata (33, 34, 36–40) D. linearis (35), mature larva. 33 right maxilla in ventral aspect and apex of maxillary palp (33a), 34, 35 right mala in ventral aspect 36–38 adoral margin of left mala in dorsal (36, 37) and ventral (38) aspect 39, 39a labium and apex of labial palp, view from hypopharynx, 40 functional position of hypopharynx and adoral margins of malae and apex of ligula (40a). Abbreviations: I–III articles of maxillary palp, Cd cardo, F furrow, Hp hypopharynx, Lg ligula, Lp labial palp, M microtrichia, Ma mala, Pf palpifer, Pm maxillary palp, 1–2 and S1–4 sensilla, Stp stipes.

  Part of: Staniec B, Pietrykowska-Tudruj E, Pawlęga K (2018) First description of the larva of Dinaraea Thomson, 1858, with comments on chaetotaxy, pupa, and life history based on two saproxylic species from Europe (Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae, Athetini). ZooKeys 752: 99-123. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.752.24440