Map showing collection records of Idiosoma species in the ‘sigillate complex’ from south-western Australia; base map shows collection records for all other species in the nigrum-group as smaller grey dots. Lower inset shows detailed collection records for I. nigrum and other southern taxa, along with select metropolitan centres. Specimens sequenced for the molecular analyses are denoted by open circles, and relevant IBRA 7.0 bioregions are as follows: AVW, Avon Wheatbelt; CAR, Carnarvon; COO, Coolgardie; GES, Geraldton Sandplains; JAF, Jarrah Forest; MUR, Murchison; SWA, Swan Coastal Plain; YAL, Yalgoo.

  Part of: Rix MG, Huey JA, Cooper SJB, Austin AD, Harvey MS (2018) Conservation systematics of the shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the nigrum-group (Mygalomorphae, Idiopidae, Idiosoma): integrative taxonomy reveals a diverse and threatened fauna from south-western Australia. ZooKeys 756: 1-121.