Idiosoma intermedium sp. n., female (WAM T99749) from SE. of Koolyanobbing (Western Australia; COO). 219–220 Carapace and abdomen, dorsal view 221 Carapace, lateral view 222 Eyes, dorsal view 223 Abdomen, posterior view 224 Sternum, ventral view 225 Leg I, prolateral view 226 Leg I, retrolateral view 227 Spermathecae, dorsal view. Scale bars 2.0 (219–220, 225–226), 0.5 (227). SP2–4 = sigilla pairs 2–4.

  Part of: Rix MG, Huey JA, Cooper SJB, Austin AD, Harvey MS (2018) Conservation systematics of the shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the nigrum-group (Mygalomorphae, Idiopidae, Idiosoma): integrative taxonomy reveals a diverse and threatened fauna from south-western Australia. ZooKeys 756: 1-121.