Live habitus images of shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the Idiosoma nigrum-group. 1–3 Female I. nigrum Main, 1952 (WAM T132737) from Minnivale Nature Reserve (Western Australia) 4 Female I. sigillatum (O. P.-Cambridge, 1870) (WAM T129191) from Karnup, Perth (Western Australia) 5 Male I. sigillatum (WAM T132564) from Crawley, Perth (Western Australia) 6 Male I. sigillatum (WAM T136936) from Wangara (Western Australia) 7 Female I. jarrah (WAM T136937) from Darlington (Western Australia) 8 Female I. mcclementsorum sp. n. (WAM T139469) from Julimar State Forest (Western Australia) 9 Female I. kopejtkaorum sp. n. from Charles Darwin Nature Reserve (Western Australia) 10 Female I. schoknechtorum sp. n. (WAM T140765) from SW. of York (Western Australia) 11–12 Female I. arenaceum sp. n. (WAM T141118) from Kalbarri National Park (Western Australia). Images 1–3, 6, 7, 9–12 by M. Harvey; 4 by Greg Anderson, used with permission; 5, 8 by M. Rix.

  Part of: Rix MG, Huey JA, Cooper SJB, Austin AD, Harvey MS (2018) Conservation systematics of the shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the nigrum-group (Mygalomorphae, Idiopidae, Idiosoma): integrative taxonomy reveals a diverse and threatened fauna from south-western Australia. ZooKeys 756: 1-121.