Anal prolegs, lateral, caudal. 37, 38 H. phryganea 39 H. gregoryi 40 H. tibetana 41, 42 H. japonica 43, 44 H. sylvicola. Key: arrows a distolateral accessory hook. arrows b protuberance/hook on dorsal plate. arrows c dorsal spine on basal anal claw. arrows d proximal accessory hooks fused with lateral sclerites. Arrow A points to anterior.

  Part of: Hjalmarsson AE, Graf W, J√§hnig SC, Vitecek S, Pauls SU (2018) Molecular association and morphological characterisation of Himalopsyche larval types (Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae). ZooKeys 773: 79-108.