Clypeal and labral form of cyclocephaline species. 9 Peltonotus malayensis Arrow; black arrow indicates the anteriorly produced labrum 10 Augoderia nitidula Burmeister; clypeus rounded 11 Arriguttia brevissima (Arrow); clypeus truncate and apex strongly reflexed dorsally 12 Aspidolea singularis Bates; clypeus broadly rounded and with lateral margins slightly divergent at base 13 Cyclocephala weidneri Endrődi; clypeus truncate without apex strongly reflexed dorsally 14 Cyclocephala octopunctata Burmeister; clypeus rounded 15 Cyclocephala hartmannorum Malý; clypeus bisinuate and with lateral margins divergent at base 16 Cyclocephala mafaffa Burmeister; clypeus emarginate 17 Cyclocephala acuta Arrow; clypeus acute.

  Part of: Moore MR, Cave RD, Branham MA (2018) Synopsis of the cyclocephaline scarab beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Dynastinae). ZooKeys 745: 1-99.